Health Care and Food Justice For All

Herbalists Without Borders (HWB) embraces a collective vision of a global community where all people have access to affordable herbal holistic natural & botanical health and wellness. 

With a global team of volunteers we are able to provide natural and botanical support to communities through HWB Chapter's grassroots projects and special projects. 


Herbalists Without Borders International has 15 Special Projects and over 50 Local to Global Chapters!


The Central Ohio chapter started in late 2018. As a chapter, we decide together what types of projects we offer. Currently, members are working on a monthly clinic event, a people's apothecary, and smaller projects like blessing bag assembly, herb swaps, and annual seed swaps. We can do more together, so join us!


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We are the Central Ohio chapter of the international non-profit, Herbalists Without Borders. We work to make people's medicine (herbalism) and food justice accessible to all. 

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