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This web discussion features tips & guidance from Herbalist Without Borders volunteers on how to stay well physically, emotionally & energetically during the coronavirus outbreak. As well as suggestions on herbal remedies that are most effective for immune support and fighting off pathogens. 



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  • Info from Dr. LowDog:

"Seems like there are lots of questions going around about the safety of elderberry and COVID-19. The following are my thoughts, which are always subject to change as more information becomes available. Elder fruit (cooked and properly prepared) have been used as food, beverages and medicine for millennia. Elder fruit is nutritious and delicious, rich in vitamin C and flavonoids. It has anti-viral and antibacterial activity and studies show that may shorten the duration of the flu.  

One mechanism by which it achieves this is by increasing inflammatory cytokines such is IL-6, IL-1B and others. Proinflammatory cytokines are necessary for activating our host defense mechanisms so that we can fight off infections. We'd be in big trouble without them. However, in some people with certain infections, these cytokines get out of control and can make you very sick. We've seen this with influenza, COVID-19, sepsis, and certain autoimmune conditions. 

The book Cytokine Storm Syndrome is an elegant read and explains in detail the suspected mechanisms, diagnosis and potential treatment options. It appears some people have a genetic polymorphism in the "perforin" pathway (a crucial part of our immune response) that puts them at a higher risk for cytokine storm. At this time, we don't know who does and doesn't have these gene variants, or which ones really matter. 

What we do know is that cytokine storm is the endpoint of certain infections, autoimmune, and/or inflammatory insults. When it occurs, the normal negative feedback loop that keeps the immune system working in an organized and positive manner fails. Soon, inflammation rises dangerously, organ systems falter, acute respiratory distress syndrome develops and death may occur. Serum ferritin is increasingly being tested in hospitalized patients with fever as an early indicator that they are developing cytokine storm. Treatments that can block or target specific parts of the immune system (T cells, IFNγ, IL‐1β, IL‐18, etc) are being developed and tested.  

Sooo.... where does that leave elderberry? I believe elderberry is safe for prevention and treatment of colds and early flu. Would I use it in someone who is in the hospital with fever and possible COVID-19? No. 

Having had two members of my family in the hospital in acute respiratory failure, one due to coronavirus, you gain an appreciation for just how sick one can get. We got Kiara home and then started her on licorice, elecampane, osha, high dose of vitamin C, osteopathic rib raising to help lungs, bone broth - in addition to oxygen, nebulizers, etc. My mother is now in hospice. This hospitalization took much of the life force that she had left. She was not able to mount a fever..... gave her cinnamon, ginger and others... but while fever can be a scary thing when it is high... its absence makes it very hard to fight infection. 

I know this was long-winded and it is just my opinion but I thought I would share since I've had so many questions in my inbox. Stay safe. Be kind. Take care of each other." 


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