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We want to get the word out about the chapter our clinics, our seed library and swap and other projects. The more people who know, the more work we can do to make our community one filled with health care and food justice. Contact Whitney if you would like to do a story on us.


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Local Press


Press Releases

Clintonville Spotlight, November 2018 Issue

Columbus Free Press, November 2018 Issue

Herbalists Without Borders
Columbus Free Press, January 2019 Issue

The Growing Inaccessibility of Healthcare and How Herbalism Can Help
Columbus Free Press, February 2019 Issue


To Weed, or Not to Weed, That is the Question
Columbus Free Press, April 2019 Issue

The Wisdom of Flowers and Three Ways to Explore Spring Plant Medicine
Columbus Free Press, May 2019 Issue

Community Herbalism
Columbus Free Press, June 2019 Issue

Reclaiming the Right to Heal Without Big Pharma
Columbus Free Press, July 2019 Issue

Beat the Heat this Summer with Cooling Herbs
Columbus Free Press, August 2019 Issue

Herbalists Without Borders is Growing to Serve Central Ohio
Columbus Free Press, September 2019 Issue

Honoring the Past & Creating a New Future through Community Action
Columbus Free Press, October 2019 Issue

Herbalism Treats People, Not Conditions.
Columbus Free Press, November 2019 Issue

Herbalism, 'Tis a Gift to Be Simple, 'Tis a Gift to Be Free
Columbus Free Press, December 2019 Issue

My View from the Weeds: Herbalistes sans Frontières
Columbus Free Press, January 2020 Issue


My View From the Weeds Column


October 15, 2018 - People's Clinic, Press Release


Herbalists Without Borders

Beyond Theory, August, 2nd 2019

Herbalists Without Borders

Beyond Theory, February 6th, 2020


Green Awakening, Bazaar Ritual  
April 18, 2020 Event Flyer