Make it happen!

Herbalists Without Borders needs you! We need volunteers of all stripes to:

- Pass out flyers, put up posters, and get the word out!
- Share on social media about our chapter and when we host events.
- Create herbal remedies and tonics for our People's Apothecary.
- Contact social service agencies, groups, and shelters 

- Serve tea at clinics and make people comfortable while they wait for

- Grow herbs that we can make into medicines.
- Help us host fundraising events and write grants.
- Help us host classes and other events.
- Be practitioners in our clinics: we need herbalists, acupuncturists,              massage therapists, energy healers, holistic MDs and DOs,   
  naturopaths, and dentists.
- Help us plan, start and maintain a community garden.
- Fund us a brick-and-mortar location for the apothecary and clinics.

Contact us to get involved, or come to the next chapter meeting!